Alternative to Yuval Noah Harari´s Homo Deus -> 2.0 beta-version of Homo Deus?

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Below is some thought on the future inspired of Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari. Some might have missed that 2,500 years ago the embryo to an other solution than discussed (as far I have seen!) was formulated – not by Plato or Aristotle (the latter otherwise one superior – not known by him – mentor to me a long with George Kelly) but Protagoras (see some general at .

I approach the perspective on future possibilities with a, somewhat, other view of possible but perhaps not very likely develoment in terms of a (more) fruitful continuation of humanistic-sociocultural evolution on earth by following in the general footsteps of George Kelly ( – more is to come about my way of continue his outstanding contribution to understanding human’s personality at abstract and concrete useful ways not yet understood by health care systems be it medical, psychological/psychiatric.

Basic evolutionary postulate

DNA substantiate operational evolution of organisms in terms of HW, which evolves gradually into more and more flexible adjustment enabling; Evolution of epigenic SW operational systems which are interfacing organisms to manage/ enable/debase/extend an increase in adjustment in time and space internalization into its (in man cultural) environment through basic internalizations priming an individua´s prototypic personal construct system (Kelly, 1955, but used according to my expression/formulation!), a basic behavioral/ethical/moral/values/attitudes paradigm to gradually over time act upon for development of personality characteristics accepted by the individuals particular biopsychosocial-cultural context “space, structure and content”.           

Corollary – an individual as – often – a products of its early grown-up conditions!

Of the above follows: As already (probably “known” since our primate time”) the Spartan ( as well as nowadays by (at least) extreme religious/ideological/.. leader’s internalization creates the platform for an individual´s personality development characteristic! This simply means that a culture the prime its newborn into desired characteristics mostly secure its cultural preferences, be it humanistic or radical extremism ideal! If a society believe in a kind of inner humanistic self-actualization independent on its own internalization active qualities modelling then other forces will easily take over. In short, an individual is shaped by its socio-cultural context through internalization epigenic processes – whether we like it or not.

Corollary – epigenic tailoring of newborn

Of the above follows; A possible future for homo 2.0 Deus – in terms of well-defined/described humanistic anchored epigenic strategies considering all living organisms at earth – is simply (but perhaps not likely) that all cultures and its subcultures (religious/ideological/..) agreeing on how an humanistic individual offspring is raised according to agreed upon basic criteria – to become a humanistic caring member of future mankind! Easy to realize with present knowledge since Protagoras (at least) but not much considered by idealistic people – politicians or not. But well cared about by individuals as Stalin, Hitler, and future still destructive, non-humanistic internalized and grown up Tyrant/Despot, Bad brother, extremists … As usual the powers/profits/conquerors … wins over naïve humanisms – so far!                 


What would motivate different kind of inhuman extremism to give up its well-grounded internalized motives – apparently free to grow in cultural epigenic sense by naïve liberalism and humanisms? Such well-rooted paradigm is often rigid fanatic where not other “world map” exists – just we know the truth. The weapon is not love but hate, which is a door-lock preventing no opening bridges when it is concerned its leadership since thousands of years, and still not well prevented by humanistic religious and ideologies forces – by definition preventing apparently in detailed realize the burning issues.

UN is an example – over and over again – on helplessness and impossibility to find ways to “all winner”-solutions. All the time is the national egos preventing a global perspective and work to find solutions for the organisms still existing at our (?) earth.

I see only a few ways

  1. Torbjörn Tärnsj´s idea that dictatorship save the climate – – is probably not possible at all as well as of course can easily be misused if ever implemented – accepted by UN, no way?
  2. If the most powerful leaders of UN can be united in prevention of extremism threat (and version, meaning a humanistic well-defined formulation agreed upon) is one way, while they are used to overdrive smaller countries with power that perhaps can be war-free – which of course not include non-state based extremisms but is at least a potential way ahead
  3. The third way is what is not good enough but only as a last possibility. Facing with disagreement how future will be approached, we can at least for some time, given not earth is completely destroyed in any way – climate or not – we must unite all agreeing upon a similar humanistic paradigm and defend our cultural paradigm.    
  4. Let AI (Artificial Intelligence) gradually take over – a possible solution while AI is only solution which only indirect dependent on human old brain (mammalian survival the hard way evolutionary solution, which perhaps is the weak link) short-comings according to our history of intelligent man. Given the basic programmers before AI takes over completely by itself, are humanistic not-dependent on their mammalian brain paradigm.
  5. When a fifth alternative emerges, I will write it here …

The perspective is not constructive challenging! A series of destructive decisions can open the Pandora Box. When we now also in democratizes elect leaders with competence, ego-centered not very considering behaviors, even democratic societies can lead the way to a destructive future. So – where do we can find some constructive goings-on?         

The Emperor’s New Clothes example some again see as a possibility!  (
Perhaps, but then the child (e.g. Malala Yousafzai or Greta) must be extremely well protected from all possible threats from those targeted! With the help of social media. But, looking at the “Arabic spring” power/profit/despots are fast taking over and control the race towards on interests – something that all humanistic initiatives during thousands of years successfully have done! At the same time Strut behaviors is not solution so – let us never give up and let our creativity and innovation be alive at least as such be an potential source for the survival of life on earth – with men or not! For the earth other organisms, men are a catastrophe which in some way need to finds ways – perhaps in terms of

Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam! I shall either find a way of make one!

A specific evolutionary homo sapiens related problem:
Evolution of human brain – so far – mainly a hard ware that has mammalian and reptilian characteristics while the cognitive revolution enabling moving from primate state to different kind of homo states with sapiens as “the winner who takes all” – or? This means that homo sapiens “suffer” from mostly limited (or a not at all) understanding how this mixture – spatial/preverbal/precognitive/prefrontal preferably Limbic activity synergize. We can assume that a typical human behaviors are to large extent controlled by mammalian/Limbic brain information processing/elaborations/decisions/behaviors of which we do under little as well as can observe and analyze for increasing our understanding. This specific problem might explain that “mammalian/primate ego behaviors” dominate to a large extent and control political, economic and all other socio-cultural processes where humanistic initiatives highjack by profit/power interests. Before we can revolve/resolve the “mammalian killer” kind of “remaining instinct” in old parts of human brain, we will possible not anticipate a constructive humanistic future on earth. So the metaphor “the animal within man” is something to be with priority considered, given we are prepared to dig deep into the challenge of future humanistic future survival!

What can we do about old brain related problems? A soft way based on education and mutual UN based actions? The harder way trying to downregulate its influence with pharmacological interventions, which probably not our old brain killer instinct will not accept as well as also rational based views. One long termed way – if time for it can be expected to be – is to try to gradually implement and internalize the human brain based behaviors enable humanistic evolution and that it is our mammalian brain that prevent it! What do I mean? Simply that we associate aggression/fighting/war/ hostilities/antagonisms to “mammalian behaviors” control the person – I doubt this works by a number of reasons where one is that our Limbic/mammalian spatial “thinking” is very much faster processed that rational, cognitive so “there is no time for rational thinking when we are in mammalian mode”.

Anyone reading the above and are attached by innovational creative ideas – share it!

End temporary with a few reminders …

A picture from friend working with nutrition and health


My version still seeing options

Perhaps the knowledge development associated with epigenics … may give some fruitful innovations … as now the last 10-20 years when the iron grip from Big Pharma on human medicine is more and more down regulated, we happily can enjoy also practical useful systems integrating biopsychosocial knowledge development …

More is to come … I hope!