Evolution of human brain: What happens during last 300.000 years?


Evolution of human starts from develops from simple reproduction organisms to more and more complex and flexible – it concerns adaptation to environmental prerequisites organisms. Brain developments until man substantiates aggradation (up aggradation associated with survival) during the evolution, mainly from the reptilian, mammalian and lastly the human brain development. This means that humans and its brain functioning is influenced by its developmental history where SW (verbal-rational-serial last (?) part) gradually “emerged and developed” with mammalian and reptilian “HW”, e.g. through by preferably turning on and off genes while building up integration with spatial information processing (reptilian and mammalian parts of our brain, see “dual code theory” by Paivio) and also temporal-verbal processing with “mirror neurons” and, lastly, internalization (see Vygotsky) as well as externalization. Indeed, just saying “human brain develops during last (about) 300.000 years is “jumping” the intervening information interacting process processes of thwo completely different codes (languages)!

All our understanding of also present human beings needs to be based a more articulated (trying to understand) evolution of this, for modern human beings, decisive interaction of the tow completely different codes!

Not only psychology (including psychiatric trying to understand Neocortex-Limbic information processing dysfunctions) but the health care as a “whole” (biopsychosocial-cultural medicine ideographic and nomothetic process) needs to have a reasonable biopsychosocial-cultural evolutionary paradigm (while we do not have access to absolute knowledge!).

Therefore, I will try to present by own present understanding of this extremely complex processes, at best may be a motivating step towards a more knowledge based, practical used in clinical and every day settings.

Impossible? Perhaps. But if we do not try (again and again) we will be platform our health care on a too primitive levels for really effective do our job = provide substantial catalyzation of health promotion and health restoration but also facilitate habilitation as well.

I do believe that such a functional platform also will promote effective pedagogical communication as I have tried through the years (from my dissertation 1986) in terms of “patient as a reasonable educated (by us) competent resource and co-worker in own rehab” = in real put the patient into the center and not as a problem to try to deal with.

Below (subpages), I will try to describe my thinking based on great thinkers from Thales to .. you?