Decisive to create an “Global United Democracy way (GUDw) preventing extinction of humans”!

Those of you who see increasing decrease in humanity and democracy on our planet, and agree with me that we globally need to unify us for finding ways to save the future for our future generations in a world where care increase and killing, massacre, encroachment, … let´s find a first step ahead in work for an united approach for finding ways! The dictatures to not follow humanity roles but we to all we can to do it! Today, it is like playing a game where the dictators use their own set up cheating rules – time to find ways not be duped anymore! So, let us together (!) do like Hannibal (but in a peaceful way), “Either I will find a way, or I will make one.“

How to spread the message?  – From a 80 years old Father/Grandfather/Grand-Grandfather .. so far and humanist-democrat hoping for a for more and more people friendly world!

First I test this briefly before eventually remove it – “If all nations, who really do or want to move into a humanistic-democratic functioning (!) society at our planet, could unite into an organization that work for a future possible world (based on this basic evolutionary possible (!) survival (!) for mans´ cultural conditions on our shared earth) with the aim that try to find human (!) ways to increase that basic evolutionary positive value into all humanistic approving women/men influence into real (!) democratic selections! I do think that in those countries that do not meet the above criteria, many people are really wanting such evolution but with different kind of hindrance (of different kind of more or less dictatorship) cannot express their basic values and democratic desires!

Of course, dictatorship can not only kill, but torture and in many unbelievably, horrible ways prevent individuals to express what they want/need/… to communicate! I even think that some of those close to those barbarous leaders, may feel very “uncomfortable” with what they are doing but are afraid to be killed if raising their voice!

But, unfortunately, in our democratic societies is the “inner enemy” is evolving to be considered together with the above, that is …? The extreme effective manipulating (Besser Wisser (I am the one who knows everything what no one else knows) egocentric politicians successful (unfortunately) manipulate many to believe (Neal Postman e.g. “Amusing Ourselves to Death” – has warned for this in the US since 1980-ties!)

Summarizing, there seem to be an increase all over the world in decease in humanity and democracy! First the biological evolution over millions of years move until man for around  300.000 years was entering the stage of (now also) our earth. Then (what is called culture evolved into … where? The signs are not at present constructive for evolution of mankind! My own concern is probably not my own but are future expressed in our children – also the smilingly successful (but not see themselves as) barbarous leaders – my question is “do you think about, not only your children but your grandchildren, your grandgrand … ??? … those of who agree (somewhat)with/ to the above – forward our message to the United Nations Security Council (if possible), while they are holding our “enabling to live in all winner ways” on earth development in their hands!

Synopsis, I think already Thales Thales (probably not the real first one – told his students – NB in my words how I understand his thinking) “Criticize me and I criticize you, then we can together find ways to increase our knowledge and understand” – a naïve way to believe would change all Alpha Males (driven by their mammalian brain, in man called Limbic system)  for arguments see Toward development of a guide facilitating knowledge and practice-based use of human Limbic systems information processing in general and health care services in particular | Cultural Medicine + Karl Popper´s three worlds, evolution of nature and culture … | Cultural MedicineHow to deal with not absolut knowledge – which no one of us have access to | Biopsychosocial Medicine + To SEE or not to SEE makes a diference | Skills before pills

Bo von Scheele, 2022-02-27