Cultural evolution of human brain based on our (very much modified interacting with) mammalian and reptilian brains …

Below some draft  – online thinking which need to be reworked a lot!

  1. Evolution of nature and culture .. where the neocortex not only emerged evolving culture BUT also integrate with existing evolution of nature into a mixture now challenging our triune brain ... Se also -> (Text coming ..)
  2. Democracy is a cultural evolution concept which can be combined with humanism and socialism (e.g. Olof Palme expression. where I miss mor of “humanism” in terms of how I understood his paradigm).

As democracy is a human creation, extremely important for human survival, we need to understand as a human creation and human is not rational (as we have thought some years) but a mixture of rational (human brain developed last 300.00 years) and not rational (Limbic systems evolved during millions of years), where the latter is not 2just” a mammalian brain BUT a mammalian brain developed last 300.000 years in interplay with human brain (Neocortex).

This is a very not well understood process which must have been occurring in spite of we do not understand how! We get some ideas (!) by those dreams we can remember but (a) as Limbic systems apparently is decisive for most of our behaviors (although we do not realize it = not preferably consciously), we can not just think “mammalianms´ brain is as our Limbic system. Not just to the name but also to the function! And (b) as Limbic system (as probably Mammalian brain) basically is based on spatial code (see dual code theory, Paivio), it concerns 300.000 yeas of interplay between two very different codes, Spatial and Verbal (preferably connected with rational thinking) codes! This kind of “cooperation” between the two very different codes is not well understood BUT may be increased understood when we compare spatial based language (as Chinese) and verbal (English).

More, as we associate emotions/feelings/creativity/… to Limbic (preferably) spatial) processes (often also called “gut feelings”) and this is associated also with real world activities, we need to not only overvalue its importance but also need to find a way toi understand how they in real interact – something I have not see yet (those who have seriously with scientific power, notify me, pelase). I see this as crucial for increase our understand of individual complex integrated Spatial/Limbic – Verbal/Rational) cognitive processes.